Maarten Beekers

At the age of 15, Maarten imported his first goods from China, to sell to his friends at school. He later studied Trade Management Asia at the Southwestern University of Finance & Economics in Chengdu, China. During 2016, Maarten worked in Shenzhen, where he has been involved in the development and manufacturing of several Kickstarter projects. Currently, Maarten runs the China Trade Blog and helps Western businesses to find product development partners in China.


How to Write a good Product Specification Sheet?

We often hear importers talk about their bad experiences with Chinese manufacturers. However, I believe that in many cases it actually is the importer who is to blame. It seems that often, these importers failed to communicate all their product...

an auditor evaluates the workshop in a factory.

Factory Audit in China: An Introduction

So, you have done due diligence and found a good factory. On paper, the manufacturer seems to be a right fit for your product. Everything seems great. But are you really sure? What proof do you have that the factory is all they say they are...

China Business License – [English Version]

As most countries in the world, China also operates a national company register. No matter the size or business, all companies in Mainland China need to apply for a business license with the government’s Administration for Industry and Commerce...